EarthenWay Nanobac+

EarthenWay Nanobac+


Sewage Treatment Made Easy
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What is EarthenWay NanoBac+ ?

Earthenway Nanobac+ is a combination of powerful selected enzymes that eliminates the organic load of sewage treatment plants and helps in reducing COD, BOD, Ammonia, Odour and Sludge. It converts organic load into a simpler form for natural beneficial bacteria present in the system to digest easily, which in turn helps them to grow at a faster rate.


  • In aeration tank of Sewage Treatment Plants (Factories, Companies, Hotels, Private Societies)
  • Useful in Municipal Sewage Treatment Plants.


Helps in improving the digestive system of the beneficial bacteria present in the system. Beneficial for facultative bacterial colonies in the aeration tank. Helps in reducing, COD, BOD, Ammonia, Sludge, Odour.

  1. Helps in colour reduction.
  2. Helps in faster degradation of the aerobic process.
  3. Helps in growing MLSS.
  4. Works on a wide range of pH (between 6 to 9) and temperature (Between 5 to 50 degrees Celsius).
  5. Reduces operational cost of the system.
  6. Helps to reducing commissioning time of the Sewage Treatment Plants.
  7. Works on less hydraulic retention time.


Combination of powerful selected enzymes.

Packing Details

100 gm & 500 gm in pouches

Storage Instructions:

  1. Store at room temperature and in a moisture free environment.
  2. Keep it airtight after each usage.


Watchem Specialities is a specialized team devoted towards making newer & better products for Agriculture, Water, Waste Water Management and Organic Solid Waste Management. With state-of-the-art Laboratory located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India our technical team constantly evolve our products for higher efficiency.


How much will you need?

100 Grams for 100 KL of Sewage Water


Step 1

Mix 100 Grams of EarthenWay NanoBac+ with 1 liter of sewage water or normal tap water.

Step 2

Add this solution directly into the aeration tank of the Sewage Treatment Plant. Dosing quantity may vary depend on sewage water parameters and organic load.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 5 × 15 cm


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